AUTHOR:Alicja Nurkiewicz

The Manifest Names Software Things as Krakow area Poland’s Best Reviewed Design Partner for 2022

Here at Software Things, technology and innovation run in our veins. Founded in 2018, our team has a proven track record of helping companies with whatever solutions they need — whether it’s software development, mobile app development, or web design, we have the expertise to deliver the highest quality services.

We love celebrating our clients’ achievements but we also don’t shy away from celebrating our own wins. This new award we’re about to share with you is huge for us because it was unlocked by our client’s support. During the first-ever The Manifest Company Recognition, Software Things was officially hailed as Krakow area, Poland’s best reviewed design services provider for 2022! The awards was determined based on the number of superb reviews and testimonials we have received over the past twelve months.

This recognition means a lot to us. Recalling how our journey got started back in 2018, we couldn’t help but be very glad about this award. When we kicked off this journey, we knew we wanted to be the best companion and partner our clients could have. Amazing partners like Oppo,, and RCKiK have paved the way for many opportunities that shaped us to become the company that we are today.

Moreover, The Manifest is an independent business resource committed to helping corporate clients connect with other business leaders from various fields and locations. For their inaugural company awards, the strong bonds between service providers and their clients were spotlighted.

Thank you so much to all of our clients, especially our partners who took the time to vouch for our work. We’d like to dedicate this award to everyone. Cheers to more amazing wins and possibilities for us ahead!

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