Product design & Development

Do you have a great idea and need a team of experienced professionals ready to support you and make your product real?

We are at your service with the whole Agile creating process. Let’s cooperate, make a good plan of division of work, set priorities, establish MVP and start awesome teamwork with Software Things.

Hey! We all know how fascinating, surprising and sometimes challenging can creating digital products be. Anyway, we love it!

Web applications

Nowadays most of IT products are distributed through web apps – they are around us, you are probably using some of them on everyday basis: Asana, Gmail, Facebook or YouTube.

We can help you create yet another great piece of Internet. We are specialized in creating custom web applications thanks to our knowledge of modern JavaScript frameworks (Vue.js or React) and PHP Laravel on backend.

Mobile applications

Looking for a team that can make React Native based mobile web app? We are here to help you.

Product engineering

We can walk you through the whole process, from generating an innovative idea to solid and stable software.

If you have a great concept for an IT product, but you are not sure which solutions to choose to best fit your requirements, just contact us and we will help you make good decisions based on our experience, knowledge and research.

Online shops

Future is e-commerce – and we are here to help you be up to date in the field of online shops. Contact us if you need a web shop for your company.

Websites & PWA

What makes a good website? It should have beautiful design, be fast and stable. Also, you need to remember about SEO and people with disabilities.

Moreover, the website should have great usability based on UX research in order to help your customers make the best decisions. If you are looking for a team with years of experience in creating these types of websites – contact us!