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Our partner is a corporation that is the most popular brand in Poland offering recruitment services to companies – a well-known platform with employment offers. In addition, since the year 2018, the client organizes the biggest in Poland career fairs called Jobicon. Each year (excluding pandemic gap years), the entire edition, which consists of several events in the largest cities in Poland, is attended by tens of thousands of people.

Our cooperation with the client lasts since 2019, and this year after the pandemic break the event comes back to live presence.

We have delivered the project for in cooperation with the event agency Bespoke.


1. Creating universal tools that will respond to the key needs and abilities of clients from various industries, in various positions.

2. Providing software support ensuring the automatization of communication and organization processes that led to time savings.

3. Building as a part of the software, a database that would be used as a virtual repository for creating the marketing content for events.

4. The database should enable the independent creation of printing materials and allow exhibitors to manage their profiles. This software tool was intended to reduce the number of e-mails between the event organizer and exhibitors.

5. Short execution time for providing a simple and efficient ticket distribution system that ensures high data security.

Solutions delivered

For the event Jobicon we have provided the customized event software adapted to the client’s needs. What exact solutions did we provide?

1. A virtual system for stand reservation – a self-service platform that allows the quick and easy purchase of event stands without the direct involvement of the organizer.

2. An employer panel – a system to exchange data between job fairs organizers and employers.

3. The job fair website is integrated with the main client’s website, and employer’s panel.

4. An interactive information kiosk system, which was used at the event with an automatic data transfer from the employer panel.

5. A ticket system used by tens of thousands of participants each year with a dedicated ticket design.

If you are interested in a more detailed story of how did we manage the delivery of this event software, check out our case study.

The team finds proper virtual solutions for our needs, analyzes them, and offers a good, full service – *Bespoke Account Manager

The main functionalities

A virtual stand booking system with a functionality of a map showing the location of stands, their size, and price.

An employer panel allowed exhibitors to manage their presence at the event. It was also a reminder of the upcoming deadlines they had to meet for different actions.

The job fair's main website intended to introduce the event idea, share the information in which cities it takes part, and enable users to download a ticket for the event.

Virtual info kiosk that allowed participants to search for current job offers. The useful function for the exhibitors was the ability to add job offers easily, also during the event.

A ticket system ensured the tickets’ downloading and scanning.

The key features our solutions offered

  • The employer panel

    The solution was designed to easily navigate the user through the multiple possibilities of the tool. It presented the summary of the event package purchased by the exhibitor, and all the preparation deadlines that had to be held on.

  • The employer panel

    The panel allowed for self-service of exhibitors preparing their stand for the event. They could add all the materials to customize their stand and see the visualization of what it will look like.

  • Virtual Info Kiosk

    The participants could easily find the job they have been interested in. The design allowed for searching the job offer in a few ways - search function and the choosing by category.

  • Virtual Info Kiosk

    The current job offers were listed and described, so the participants could get familiar with them, and speak about the recruitment right away -– the infokiosk presented the number of stands where the exhibitor offering a job could be found.

  • Virtual Info Kiosk

    Participants were able to check where the stand with the exhibitor was on a map so they could easily find a way to approach the stand and talk about the job.

  • Event website

    The website was a guide for the fair’s audience. The participants could get familiar with an event program and its detailed agenda, or check which celebrities were aimed to take part in the event.

  • Event website

    An important feature was the tickets’ hub. The attendees could use the website and download a ticket or send it to their mailbox. When entering the event participants showed the QR code.


Stand reservation facilitated the stand’s purchase process and shortened its time. The sales representatives on the customer’s side did not have to take part in long e-mail exchanges to complete the sale.

Exhibitor digital panels limited the engagement from the client in exhibitors’ preparation for the event. The panel allowed exhibitors for independent work, introducing changes, all without the client’s active participation. The panel also was in charge of guarding the deadlines, so the client didn’t have to worry about exhibitors’ preparation progress.

A Virtual info kiosk allowed participants to quickly find the job offer they were interested in, and thanks to the map move freely around the place of the event. Exhibitors could add new job offers in real time so the recruitment process could be kept smooth.

Event’s website was a huge facilitation tool for the participants to get the best possible experience from the event. For the client, the biggest asset came from integrating the website with the employer’s panel, which allowed for time-saving data transfer.

Ticketing system turned out to be bulletproof. It was also supported by our tutorial on working with tickets and entering the event so that the admission staff could work smoothly and there was no downtime for people entering the event.

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