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Servier is the largest pharmaceutical company in France and the 34th largest in the world. The company operates in 150 countries around the world, employing a total of 21.8 thousand people. Servier’s growth is based on the constant pursuit of innovation in the field of diseases cardiovascular and metabolic systems, oncology, neurology, and immuno-inflammatory diseases.

One of the client’s goals is to integrate the medical community and allow them to evolve their competencies through knowledge and experience sharing. Due to the pandemic, it was possible only thanks to webinars. Thus, the client had to provide the best possible digital experience allowing the community to continue expertise sharing.


The first project’s challenge was to create a platform specifically adapted to the users’ needs. Usability was a very important focus because the product was to be designed so that users would willingly use it. We have defined the audience group and examined their needs, as a result, we knew from the beginning, what the UI experience should be like

Another challenge was to deliver a product allowing us to ​​save a lot of data. We wanted to provide a solution enabling information storage in Google Analytics, which ensured presenting of accurate and reliable statistics.


1. The platform for streaming, watching, and storage of webinars. The solution was integrated with the external player responsible for streams.

The main asset is the easy navigation supported by user-centered features dedicated to helping users reach the main goal – watching the webinar.

2. The platform’s CMS is intended to manage content, allowing the admin to create, edit and publish medical streams. CMS is also dedicated to generating complex reports, shared as PDF or Excel files.

More details of our success story delivered you can find in the case study

Software Things’ platform was well-received internally and externally. It made the webinars’ content and attendance calendar accessible and organized for users – Marketing Manager Servier

Tech choices

The web application was implemented as Single Page Application (SPA) ensuring high performance and simplified development.

Back-end is based on the PHP language, specifically on the Laravel framework.

Front-end is built on nuxt.js

Key features

  • Main panel

    The events’ panel is simple and gives the audience three ways to enter interaction with the platform and watch webinars.

  • Calendar

    One of the ways users can choose to find a webinar is the calendar. It’s intuitive and easy to use.

  • Archive events

    It’s a collection of webinars that users can filter by category of interest – chosen tag.

  • Video streaming

    The audience has access to the streaming, and all data related to the topic and the author, including the materials available to download. To improve the service quality users can rate the video.

Benefits for the client

The platform allowed the client to provide better communication with medical doctors and give them a tool for knowledge sharing, which was crucial during the pandemic’s lack of live meetings.

The Pharma Webinars platform is a great way for the client to carry out their mission in which educational support for the medical community is an important factor.

High platform performance allows the client to share their content with numerous groups of users. They can watch the webinars live or at any suitable time (webinars are saved).

The client can improve the services provided, thanks to the access to figures on webinars, i.e. number of participants, the display time of specific webinars, etc.

The marketing team got a convenient way of managing the communication – integration of the platform with the tool for sending newsletters.

The content owners were provided with easy content management thanks to the customized administrator panel.

In 2020, the Servier was recognized as one of the most accessible pharmaceutical brands on the Internet in the eyes of the medical community in Poland.

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