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RCKiKs are blood centers that operate all over Poland in different regions. Their main goal is to collect blood from donors and then supply it to hospitals and clinics within their region.

>The Polish regional blood centers are public institutions, and like all of them, they need to digitize services and processes that support them.

The first client we delivered the solution and created the platform for was RCKiK Katowice – our permanent client.

Currently, we are in the process of adapting and offering the solution for the second client – RCKiK Kraków.


The major problems with conducting the medical staff training came to the surface during the pandemic. Our first client RCKiK Katowice couldn’t organize live training and had to start carrying out online sessions.

Together with the client, we went through all the needs and problems they faced, so we could propose the most adequate solutions along with their efficient implementation.

What were the problems the client dealt with?

The lack of an automated process required manual work from each party involved in the training – the staff responsible for the organization but also the participants.

The manual work required had a negative impact on several aspects: the length of the process – it took a lot of time – but also the well-being of employees overwhelmed by chaotic duties.

Therefore the aching challenge was to reduce the amount of work that administration and accounting departments had to perform and make the whole experience more friendly for the parties involved. And all of that had to happen by delivering the remote and digitalize process.


The solution we delivered has been developing all the time, adequately to the client’s needs and time devoted. First, the need was to deliver a basic signup form so the training could be continued during the pandemic. And so we did it.

Very fast, other needs occurred, and strengthened by the conclusions and good reception of the first version, we started to improve the solution.

Currently, our system is a training platform that automates the work of many departments involved in the process. The system enables training organization, participant enrollment, payment services, conducting the training, and its as-built service (reports, customized certificates etc).

The solution works well and we tailor it to the needs of individual clients, which is why a growing number of units are interested in its adoption.

The ideas that we implemented allowed us to gather the dispersed process together and facilitate participation in training. All parties benefited from the platform. – Michał S technical director RCKiK Katowice

The major functionalities

The ability to sign up for all training - for groups or individual participants - via the platform.

Payments are made through a dedicated payment system.

The system creates lists of participants with the possibility of their various categorizations.

The platform supports the delivery of all materials for participants, including the automatic issuance of certificates.

The system enables online training and certification tests.

The key features

  • List with available training

    The home page of the platform presents the list of training users can choose from. The list contains trainings' name, description, data, and available free slots.

  • Two types of sign-up options

    For individuals and groups. The important aspect here plays a color distinction between the types of entries. It makes it easier for the user to select the needed option.

  • Sign-up form for individuals

    The possibility to sign up for the training by an individual. The potential participant can sign up for the training, choose the billing option, and make the payment right away.

  • Sign-up form for groups

    The leader who is in charge of training for the specific medical unit, can sign up a group of people for a chosen training.

  • List of training participants

    The list of people that signed up for the training which is visible to the admin and the leader responsible for group registration. The list can be filtered by participants' details, including the professional license number.

  • Generating and downloading materials

    The admin and the leader have the option to download the training materials of each participant: their test score, certificate of completion, and the general training rapport. All the materials are automatically generated by the platform.

Benefits for the client

The platform reduced the time the employees (administration, finance, IT, and director) had to spend to organize and conduct the training.

Thanks to process automation the client's employees were relieved of tedious and repetitive tasks, which positively affects their well-being.

The client – a training organizing entity, can easily and efficiently manage the whole process. The system allows for generating reports, and quick access to relevant data from one place.

Digitization of training for medical staff is a significant step toward building the image of a modern medical institution.

The online platform for medical training enables the continuity of training in the crisis event of a pandemic.

The platform is beneficial not only for the clients but also for other medical entities – Polish hospitals whose staff is trained by the RCKiK. The hospitals gained: visibility and control over staff training; management of training financing; strengthening their position on the market thanks to a larger number of qualified medical staff.

2000 h

Saved hours across departments per year

1 full-time job

The platform's annual savings

4 steps shorter

The new enrollment process

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