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RCKiK Katowice supplies blood and blood components to over 140 hospitals and clinics in the Silesian Voivodeship in Poland. Every day, the center distributes 200 to 250 liters of blood to hospital blood banks. During over 70 years of operation, blood was collected from over 5 million donors.


The client needed the application to be a tool to make blood donations easier and more accessible. This, in turn, was expected to increase the amount of donated blood. Bearing this in mind, we knew we had to deliver an important tool, not only from the business perspective, but mainly because the app was intended to contribute to saving human life.

Therefore, it was important to research the future users’ needs to create a blood app that actually facilitates blood donation. The challenge was met by conducting workshops with blood donors on their needs regarding the potential app. Additionally, we tested the design on a clickable prototype, so the solution’s usability was fully checked before being submitted to development.


Bliscy Krewni app is designed to the users’ needs (defined during the workshops) and it has been developed based on users’ experience (dedicated help desk solving problems and gathering data for further app improvements.)

The story of how we deliver Bliscy Krewni medical blood app is quite interesting and full of valuable insights. You can read it in our case study.

Our cooperation with Software Things was a whole digital transformation. We had started with a new website for our institution, this was followed by new websites for our sister companies. Our latest realization is a mobile application – Bliscy Krewni – both for Android and iOS – Marketing Specialist at RCKiK

Functions of the blood app

Users got access to their donation history and blood test results.

The ability to plan a donation and add a date to the calendar – Blood donation plan. Users will be reminded about the upcoming date of the next donation.

Location of the nearest blood donation point.

Users of the app can be rewarded with discount coupons for partner restaurants.

Blood donation app key features

  • My profile

    The history of user donations with a distinction between their different types. Application is connected with the RCKIK database so the donation history is updated automatically but the user can also enter the donation manually. Additionally, it presents the history of blood examination.

  • Donate blood

    The application reminds of the upcoming date of the next planned donation, and suggests where the nearest blood donation points are. The users also get tips on how to commute conveniently to the blood donation point.

  • Premises of ‘Bliscy krewni’

    An option listing premises that offer discounts for donors. The user selects the city and sees in which restaurant getting a discount is possible. In addition, the donor is informed about receiving, and activation of a one-time coupon as a reward for the donation made. Such a coupon donor can spend in the locals of ‘Bliscy krewni’.


Blood app automated the client processes which resulted in a reduced number of client’s tasks and time consumed for arranging the users’ donations.

‘Bliscy krewni’ application, as well as other products and services provided as part of the cooperation, contributed to the increase in blood donation.

The client observed a positive change in blood donors' engagement – people share their experiences and observations through social channels, donors claim they feel noticed and their involvement was appreciated.

RCKiK consistently builds its image as a progressive, trend-setting medical institution.

The Client took a big step to get closer to its customers, offering them a solution they have at their fingertips, anytime they need.


Active users among 46,000 overall users

850 - 1,400

Daily users


Years on the market

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