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Regional Blood Donation and Blood Treatment Center from Krakow. The client’s mission is to collect blood and its components from voluntary blood donors and process it to produce the necessary blood components for saving the lives and health of patients requiring transfusions.


Creating a website aimed at blood donors and incorporating the aesthetics of the Małopolska region. The client needed a website that was not only visually appealing and provided a good user experience but also connected the client’s activities with the region.

Additionally, the website had to comply with laws and regulations governing public entities to maintain appropriate standards, such as accessibility, personal data protection, and guidelines for the BIP platform.

As the entity managing the website, the client needed the ability to fully edit the website’s content, along with training on how to use the site.


The delivered website features aesthetics that reflect the client’s style – colors, forms – but also includes illustrations depicting the Małopolska region. The product focuses on providing quick and smooth user interaction and visually emphasizing the most important information for visitors. Intuitive navigation and information categorization are also elements that support website accessibility.

The website provides a good user experience not only for visitors but also for content administrators. The CMS built on WordPress allows for intuitive and fast content editing, which is necessary for the website to fulfill its function – informing about the client’s activities.

Major functionalities

The website is a knowledge base from A to Z for anyone from the Małopolska region who wants to donate blood or bone marrow.

In addition to obtaining all the necessary information, users can also check if blood donation is possible in their case, and if not, when it will be.

Thanks to the tools available on the website, users can plan their future donations.

The digital product we provided meets accessibility requirements with WCAG 2.1.

Key features

  • An online test approving the possibility of blood donation

    The user answers questions and immediately receives a result - information on whether blood donation is possible in their case.

  • Filter for the client's field branches

    Users can filter the field branches if they are interested in donating blood in a different location

  • Next donation calculator

    By filling in the calculator with data regarding their donation history, blood donors receive the next possible date for donating blood.

Benefits for the client

Their website is an accessible product allowing the client to follow the law.

The website is a legible guide for those interested in blood donations so client employees handle fewer direct donor inquiries.

The website content is easy to publish allowing the client to keep all information up to date and constantly develop their online presence.

The client can maintain good relations with donors thanks to providing a comprehensive guide for the donors. As a result, the website has a chance to impact the amount of donated blood.

Having a modern, user-friendly website helps the client to strengthen their image as a modern public institution.

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