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The client is a provider of a medical product – orthosis for the drooping foot. Turbomed’s mission is to restore comfort to people who are struggling with this condition. The orthosis they offer is a comfortable and innovative product that helps people to live their life actively and without pain.


The challenge was to deliver a customized product that fulfills the functions of an e-commerce website. Additionally, the client needed a new visual identity and well-written UX content for the website. Together with Kava, we divided the tasks and challenges. By combining our skills, we were able to offer full service from content creation to product development.

When creating the website, we wanted to move away from the sterile, white and blue image typically associated with orthopedic stores. Instead, we used bright colors that evoke positive emotions.

The client was keen on presenting the product in motion to show that life with an orthosis can be active and rewarding. This is why we used photos arranged in irregular shapes and highlighted them with dynamic accents that conveyed movement. We also made sure that all the elements were rounded, without any sharp angles to subconsciously communicate to users that the product would not cause any pain or discomfort.

During the design of the e-commerce store, we placed a strong emphasis on a good shopping path with an intuitive and simple navigation system. We wanted the overall website and store to be user-friendly and easy to use.


The outcome of our efforts is a modern and expertly crafted website that satisfies all of the client’s demands. It is reliable, quick to load with a speedy response time, optimized for SEO, and user-friendly, featuring an intuitive navigation system. The e-commerce store complements the website design and offers a straightforward shopping experience.

The hardest part was to present a medical product which people link with illness or limitation, in a way that would make the user say, "Wow, that looks great and not sad at all.” We simply wanted the website to create positive associations with the experience of using orthosis. – Hanna Bromboszcz UX UI Designer

Key functionalities

The website is a product knowledge base for users. User-generated content – reviews and user stories are an important informational element.

Users can easily and conveniently contact our customer – product supplier.

The website is linked to an e-commerce store. Transitions between products are facilitated by intuitive navigation.

Users can seamlessly complete all activities within a cohesive journey, from acquiring knowledge about the product to purchasing it with a pre-tailored experience.

Key features

  • The contact form allows website users to choose their preferred method of contact with the product provider.

  • Infographics and legible instructions guide the user through processes that help with obtaining products for testing or reimbursement from the National Health Fund.

  • The e-commerce store offers filters allowing users to adjust the products to their preferences.

  • Video playback is used to present the product, so the users can be assured that the active life with an orthosis is something normal.

Benefits for the client

The ability to sell products on the company's platform.

The user experience is enhanced by the coherence between the website and the e-commerce store which strengthens the client’s brand.

The client got a refreshed visual identity that can be used in marketing communication. The unique visual identity allows the client to stand out in the market and make a lasting impression on consumers.

The website’s content is designed according to UX writing principles and it helps to sell the product. Its role is to provide information, support navigation, and present the product's benefits.

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