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We go for creating stunning Jamstack websites that offer a range of benefits for our clients. Our websites are lightning-fast, reliable, and highly secure, providing an excellent user experience and improving search engine rankings. With Jamstack, we can create scalable and modular websites that are easy to maintain and integrate with third-party services, such as e-commerce platforms and marketing automation tools. Rely on our expertise to craft a beautiful and practical website that accurately represents your brand’s identity and voice, while delivering tangible benefits for your business.

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Website for a cultural institution: case study

Cooperation with an institutional client from the cultural sector is
something that we have done more than once. Read what we focus on to
build an effective partnership, and how we link aesthetics and
accessibility in one product.


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Our proof of success

  • They were very open minded about our ideas and the communication was fantastic.
    Matthew F.CEO, Digital Solutions
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  • I was impressed by how efficient they were. Clearly visible years of experience.
    Monika G.Trade Marketing Manager, Oppo
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  • Software Things’ platform was well-received internally and externally. It made the webinars’s content and attendance calendar accessible and organized for users. Plus, our company became the top best online presence business in Poland. Overall, the team showed promptness in scheduled meetings.
    Marcin L.Marketing Manager, Servier Polska Sp. z. o. o
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  • All the processes were well arranged and have ended with great products.
    Anita K.Marketing Specialist, RCKiK Katowice
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  • Thanks to the contributions that the Software Things team made to the project, our company was able to save on time and have better interactions with our audience. The project was complex and we appreciated how quickly the team adapted to any changes during development.
    Grzegorz W.President General, Automotive Club
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  • The company's modern and professional approach to customers and their needs are impressive.
    Łukasz P.Spokesman, Urząd Miejski w Czechowicach-Dziedzicach
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  • The biggest advantage is the direct, easy contact with the person responsible for the process.
    Oskar A.Employee, Katowice City of Gardens
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  • The most impressive thing about Software Things is that they provide you with out-of-the-box solutions.
    Magda C.Project Manager, Bajka Pana Kleksa
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  • I like their very quick response time to our comments and questions.
    Piotr P.Owner, Morphing Design
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  • They’re very responsive. Our needs were analyzed and addressed with proper solutions and service.
    Rafał N.Account Manager, *Bespoke
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  • The team reached us when they needed some clarification and more information.
    Natalia K.Promotion specialist, Silesia Film Institute
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  • Everything went smoothly and there was no issue.
    Fabian SippCTO, 1plusX AG
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  • They are nice, patient, and generous to our clients.
    AnonymousPartner & Designer, Design Firm
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